Our History

Dr. John Sperling founded Apollo Education Group in 1973 in response to a gradual shift in higher education demographics from a student population dominated by youth to a more diverse population of working learners. It went public in December of 1994. Apollo Education Group Inc. stands behind the belief that lifelong learning requires an institution dedicated to meeting the educational needs of the working learner. University of Phoenix, Apollo’s flagship institution, follows this credo and serves the working learner who is juggling career, family and earning an education.

A Global Reach of Quality and Innovation

Apollo Education Group is playing a leadership role in higher education and pioneers higher education for the working learner through its technological investment, advanced learning methodologies and an international reach. Apollo continues to search for opportunities to expand in the educational landscape.

Quality academic programs, qualified faculty, and a comprehensive student experience enable Apollo Education Group’s schools to be respected institutions of higher education. Many of Apollo Education Group’s schools and institutions throughout the world are also accredited by prestigious local accrediting bodies within their respective geographic or programmatic areas of instruction.



Institute for Professional Development (IPD) is founded. The institute is Dr. Sperling’s first endeavor for working learners, teachers and police officers who worked with at-risk children.


University of Phoenix (UOPX) is founded. As Apollo Education Group's flagship school, the University leverages innovations such as online libraries and eBooks for use in higher education.


Western International University (West) is acquired. West is a private higher education institution aimed at preparing working students from around the world for leadership positions in the dynamic, global marketplace. Its curriculum combines each area of study with economics and communication.


College for Financial Planning (CFFP) is acquired. CFFP, established in 1972, reports more than 120,000 graduates in a variety of financial planning disciplines.


Apollo Global is established and expands the company’s global reach.


Universidad de Artes, Ciencias y Comunicación (UNIACC) is acquired. The Santiago, Chile-based university is the first online autonomous professional institute in that country. UNIACC is one of the leading arts and communication universities in Latin America.


BPP University College (BPP) is acquired. The UK-based organization is a leading provider of education and training to professionals in the legal and finance industries.


Universidad Lationoamericana (ULA) is fully acquired. The accredited, private university offers secondary and higher education in medical, dental and communications fields. Instruction is online as well as at campuses throughout Mexico.


Open Colleges Australia (OCA) is acquired. Founded in 1910, OCA is one of Australia's oldest and largest providers of distance learning with a strong focus on quality, innovation and student support.


Milpark Education is acquired. Apollo Education Group enters Africa with the acquisition a majority interest of Milpark, one of South Africa's leading private tertiary education providers,

Faculdade da Educacional da Lapa (FAEL) - Apollo Education group acquired a majority interest in Sociedade Técnica Educacional da Lapa S.A., which offers educational programs under the name Faculdade da Educacional da Lapa (FAEL). FAEL, serving students throughout Brazil, was established in 1998 to allow access to knowledge and quality education through an innovative distance teaching methodology.


Career Partner (CPG) is acquired. CPG, Germany’s leading provider of private education and personnel development, offers academic state-approved study programs, certified trainings, and innovative continuous education programs for experts and managers of all industries


Acquisition of Apollo Education Group, Inc. by a consortium of investors, including The Vistria Group, LLC and funds affiliated with Apollo Global Management, LLC, is completed.


As the parent company, Apollo Education Group remains steadfast in its commitment and belief that an accessible education should not just be career changing, but life changing as well.