IACC Professional Institute

IACC Professional Institute provides technical, professional and certificate academic programs in a 100% online modality in Chile. Most of IACC’s students are Chilean workers who choose the distance modality to balance study with work and family. IACC provides an opportunity to study for Chileans that live in distant cities with demographics issues, where the only possibility to study is by an 100% online modality. The motivation of IACC’s employees is to improve the life of people in Chile.

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  • IACC has 4 Schools: Business and Management, Industrial Processes, Social Development and Informatics offered a total of 22 technical programs, professionals and continuity of studies. It also has 17 Certificate Programs and Courses.
  • Its most successful programs are in the area of Management and Risk Prevention.



IACC founded


Institutional Cooperation Agreement between IACC and UNIACC


Achieves its statement of institutional autonomy in Chile


Became part of Apollo Global


IACC began 100% Online Academic Programs in Chile


First Institute with the highest growth in annual enrollments in Chile.


Achieve 7,000 Online students in Chile.