Apollo Lightspeed

Apollo Education Group founded Apollo Lightspeed in 2012 to launch and grow innovative products and services with the speed, focus and boldness of a high-growth startup. Its ultimate vision is to transform the distribution, pricing and consumption of learning worldwide, and to create learning experiences that are light-years ahead of what's currently available.

Apollo Lightspeed's groundbreaking initial venture, Innovator’s Accelerator, teaches business executives how to cultivate innovation within themselves and their organizations. Designed and taught by some of the world’s leading authorities on innovation – Clayton Christensen, Jeff Dyer and Hal Gregersen – Innovator’s Accelerator provides insights and tools through a multimedia learning platform to turn executives into innovators ready to be the catalyst for change.

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Through its platforms, Apollo Lightspeed will transform the way individuals use online learning to achieve greater professional success and personal fulfillment by

  • bringing transparency to the education-to-careers process
  • returning control to individuals by helping them to identify the skills and coursework needed to pursue a given career
  • increasing access to education and expert instructors
  • decreasing the cost of education

Executive Leadership

Led by highly-regarded Internet, media and education executives, Apollo Lightspeed leverages Apollo Education Group’s extensive capabilities and assets in learning processes and personalization, advanced digital media and technology platforms, and deep relationships with corporate partners.