Western International University®

Western International University® (West) is a university built for working adults with an innovative model that delivers quality undergraduate- and graduate-level education for about half the cost of many other universities. A specialist in innovative education since 1978, West prepares working students for leadership positions in the dynamic, global marketplace. With programs in areas such as accounting, business, information technology and behavioral science, West’s curriculum ensures that each student graduates with not only specific program area knowledge, but also with global awareness and skills in critical thinking, communication, research methodology and technology. The West approach to higher education includes:

  • A focus on degrees and programs in today’s high demand fields within the global marketplace.
  • An innovative teaching model that allows students flexibility when fitting weekly coursework into their schedules.
  • A mix of traditional PhD credentialed faculty and practitioner faculty that builds upon academic rigor and teaching with real-world experiences.
  • A student-centric philosophy that proactively seeks ways to enhance and improve its approach through a variety of formal and informal channels for student input.

At West, each course lasts eight weeks, and courses begin monthly. Courses are structured to follow a ‘Learn, Practice, Apply’ teaching methodology built to support the demands of working students who need to quickly absorb and utilize new information:

  • Learn through a series of short faculty-led video lectures and reading assignments that are provided each week. After each video, students take a 5-10 question quiz to provide immediate learning feedback. All course materials including readings, lecture slides and lecture audio are available for download.
  • Practice happens with interactive exercises that reinforce new knowledge with instant feedback. Additionally, weekly review quizzes summarize the critical learnings and information.
  • Apply new knowledge by engaging with instructors and fellow students online and in real-time, to put learning into practical context. Complete weekly assignments that include quizzes, essays or other activities that are structured to help balance the workload over the eight-week term.


  • Seven undergraduate degree programs
  • Nine graduate degree programs
  • Campus in Tempe, Arizona, plus online learning from any location worldwide
  • As of June 30, 2016, West has conferred 11,774 degrees to 10,448 alumni
  • 1,374 students (Fall, 2014)



Western International University founded in Phoenix, Arizona, under sponsorship of World Universities Foundation of Puerto Rico


Earns accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission


Becomes part of Apollo Education Group, Inc.


Relocates to a new state-of-the-art campus in Tempe, AZ and makes higher education more accessible and affordable by reducing tuition by nearly 50 percent and launching a new, innovative online learning format. 


Offers an introductory course that allows students to experience West’s learning format and make sure it’s a good fit.


Partners with employers and trade associations to create innovative, non-degree training programs for specific skill sets seen as an immediate need for their workforce.


Creates innovative tuition assistance programs for employers to cap their employee students’ annual tuition investment, so that employee students can take as many courses as they like in a year and pay no more than the annual maximum tuition amount.