The following statement was released today by retired Army Maj. Gen. Spider Marks, Executive Dean of the College of Security and Criminal Justice at University of Phoenix:


August 7, 2015

“As we do with any such regulatory request, and have done before, we intend to cooperate fully and will provide information in response to the request. University of Phoenix aspires to set high ethical standards in service to military students. The University’s practices relating to compliance, training and student support services for military students should, we believe and hope, serve as a model for all institutions, organizations and companies. We strive to make University of Phoenix the most trusted provider of career-relevant higher education for all our working adult students, including our military and veteran students, who have earned their education benefits through sacrifice and service. We will continue to help them locate, understand and properly use their benefits when they choose to use them at University of Phoenix.

“We were an early and ardent supporter of recent rule changes to improve protections for military and veteran students. We endeavor to meet those valuable and positive requirements, and we are always prepared to demonstrate that commitment to authorities whose job it is ensure that University of Phoenix and all other eligible institutions are living up to those requirements.  Although the principle is well established, we remind stakeholders that the existence of an investigative subpoena itself does not mean the University has violated any rules or regulations, and we look forward to working with the California Attorney General’s office in connection with this inquiry.

“On the specific use of ‘challenge coins,’ we understand that they are common in the military and part of the fabric of military culture. They are a tradition, and military personnel carry them with pride. Although widely issued in educational and industry circles, when questions about coins arose, the University immediately discontinued production and distribution of its coins and recalled all non-circulated coins. We hope that the other academic institutions with similar coins follow our lead.”


Retired Army Maj. General Spider Marks

Executive Dean of College of Security & Criminal Justice

University of Phoenix


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