University of Phoenix has unconditionally and unilaterally supported the President’s Executive Order 13607 of 2012

The Facts
June 30, 2015

University of Phoenix has supported, endorsed, and devoted significant resources to ensure compliance with the U.S. Department of Defense MOU, a comprehensive set of rules governing interactions with servicemembers and incorporating the requirements of the President’s Principles of Excellence as outlined in Executive Order 13607. From the outset, the University has unconditionally and unilaterally supported the directives contained in the Executive Order. In February 2012, the University joined with advocates in an effort to rein in bad actors across all sectors of higher education. In June 2012, the University embraced the accountability inherent in the executive order. University of Phoenix leaders are willing to demonstrate to any objective individual the University’s investments, resources and systems designed to ensure compliance with the President’s Executive Order and related rules, requirements and best practices.

The University, like many companies and sponsoring organizations, sponsors morale, welfare and recreation (MWR) events at military installations and posts—and is proud to do so. The University’s efforts are intended to enhance the quality of life of those who support and defend our country. In October 2014, as part of one program at Fort Campbell, the University was gratified to join with local businesses. “The support of institutions like University of Phoenix and other businesses who sponsor our programs and activities is vital to our work of enhancing opportunities for soldiers and their families,” said Marty Sims, Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising Manager, Fort Campbell MWR. “We value our soldiers for their sacrifice, value those organizations that help improve our entire community at Fort Campbell, and are eager to add more events as the new year approaches.” One University leader wrote of these efforts, “We also hold regular ceremonies rife with symbolism that express humble gratitude — however meager — for the sacrifices of service members, veterans and those their families have lost,” said James “Spider” Marks, retired Army Maj. General and Executive Dean of the College of Security and Criminal Justice. “We still miss no opportunity to do all that we can — and with a variety of service, activity and purpose — to show reverence and gratitude for those who… ‘secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.’” The University—and the work of its employees—always strives to meet the high standards of integrity, ethics and conduct required of all who work with servicemembers, veterans and military families.

University of Phoenix has proudly sponsored—and is committed to support—Hiring Our Heroes and its valiant work to serve veterans. The University proudly upholds its work as a member of the Veterans Employment Advisory Council (VEAC) of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. The work of the University and Hiring our Heroes, including its presentations, stand above reproach and should serve as an example of exactly the type of information and services our nation’s war heroes need as they transition into the civilian workforce. Even hidden camera footage proves that at Hiring our Heroes events, no student leads were sought and only meaningful resources provided by University of Phoenix were shared. In fact, leaders of Hiring our Heroes led the presentation. An honest, fair and objective review of material at Hiring our Heroes events makes clear that these are valuable tools that any veteran can afford themselves.

University of Phoenix encourages all who are interested in its certificates and degree programs, but strictly ensures that information is voluntarily obtained. Employees of the University are trained before attending educational fairs or other events. They obtain information from interested, prospective students only with the express permission of event hosts, including at those events where other institutions of higher education are also in attendance and promoting their degree programs to potential students. This is also true of any event made possible by the University’s support that is covered by the DOD MOU and the President’s executive order. The University takes great care to distinguish between events permitted and prohibited under the DOD MOU and the President’s Executive Order.