University of Phoenix Question & Answer

Q: Why do military students choose the University of Phoenix?

A: Because of our University-wide commitment to military students, through dedicated resources, tailored solutions and committed staff. Specifically:

  • Our veteran students work with military-specific Enrollment, Academic and Finance Advisors. Many are prior military or are military spouses, and can identify with and related to what veterans have gone through with frequent deployments, relocations, and training schedules.
  • University of Phoenix staff members have been trained to deal with unique military student issues that include meeting admissions requirements, transferring credits earned in the military and coping with delays in receiving educational benefits from the government.
  • University of Phoenix has a Veteran Affairs Division that primarily works with the G.I. Bill®, expertly guiding students through the paperwork.

Q: How does the University of Phoenix help veterans?

A: We go above and beyond other higher education institutions with an unrivaled commitment to veterans. The University of Phoenix provides special military tuition rates to veterans and their spouses, helps navigate the application process for GI Bill® benefits and other financial aid, and provides credits for all applicable military training and education.

In addition, through Prior Learning Assessments, incoming military students may have the opportunity to receive undergraduate college credits through an assessment of prior college-level learning, or through national testing programs.

Q: How does the University of Phoenix help address the transition from military to civilian life?

A: We're particularly proud of our Phoenix Career Guidance System™ which offers dedicated tools that help prospective veterans students and job seekers make more informed decisions regarding their career paths and their education options. In addition, the new military skills translator tool is also available to military veterans, helping them to make the link between the skills they developed in the armed forces with job skills needed for civilian occupations.

Q: How do veterans know if UoPX is right for them?

A: We take great pride in our commitment to veterans and their families. While the decision to attend is ultimately up to the individual, the University of Phoenix has been recognized as both a military-friendly school and employer by the following:

  • Military Advanced Education - This honor takes into consideration the number of military students served, the availability of military scholarships, and other policies benefiting military members and veterans.
  • GI Jobs - This honor ranks the university in the top 15% of all colleges, universities, and trade schools nationwide that service military students.
  • - The "Most Valuable Employer for Military (MVE)" serves to help military-experienced job seekers identify the top employers to target for civilian careers.
  • Employee Support of Guard and Reserve - Recognized for the division's ongoing support of National Guard and Reserve service members and families.
  • Best for Vets - Military Times Edge honors recruiting and hiring policies, social recognition for veterans and pay and benefits for reservists.
  • Patriot Award - Office of Secretary Defense, Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve for being a patriotic employer, for contributing to national security and protecting liberty and freedom by supporting employee participation in America's National Guard and Reserve Force.

Q: How does the University of Phoenix approach help veterans balance their lives?

A: The University of Phoenix Program Structure is one of the most unique and flexible in the world.

  • Flexible Classes
    • The University's ground classes are local, taught in the evenings to accommodate a working adult, and are structured at a 1:15 faculty to student ratio.
    • The University's online classes are mobile, with flexible starting dates, but still structured at a 1:15 faculty to student ratio. Online classes are beneficial to the military student with the demands of frequent moves, rigorous training schedules and deployment.
  • Range of Degrees- Taken the Way You Want
    • From associate's through doctoral, we are confident military veterans can find a program to suit their lives.
    • Most degree programs are available online, and several programs are available at more than 100 University of Phoenix locations in 39 states giving military students, their families, and veterans an opportunity to choose the learning environment that is most conducive to their educational success.
  • Prior Learning Assessments
    • Incoming military students have the opportunity to receive undergraduate college credits through an assessment of prior college-level learning, or through national testing programs. We do not want someone in school for longer than they have to be.

Q: How many veteran and military affiliated students graduate each year and how does UoPX help them find new careers?

A: We have had over 12,000 veteran and military affiliated students graduate from University of Phoenix last year. Over 80,000 graduated since 2001.

Through Hiring Our Heroes, a program of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation launched in March 2011 as a nationwide initiative to help veterans and military spouses find meaningful employment, we have been successful in placing our graduates in good careers.

Working with the U.S. Chamber's network of 1600 state and local chambers and other strategic partners from the public, private, and non-profit sectors, we are in the midst of our goal to create a movement across America in hundreds of communities where veterans and military families return every day.