Professional Development Solutions

Founded on the mission to empower working learners, Apollo Education Group has been a thought leader in the education space worldwide for more than 40 years. Leveraging deep expertise and a long history of providing innovative educational offerings, Apollo enables employers to accelerate their return on human capital.

Our Professional Development teams address the talent management needs of the world’s largest employers by delivering innovative learning and development solutions that improve workforce performance and drive business results.

Apollo Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is a place for all learning and development advocates to find useful information, innovative advice, insights, and solutions in digestible and visual formats. We want to be a resource to you for your employees’ professional development.

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Employee Development

Fuels workforce performance by tapping into a comprehensive suite of learning solutions:

  • Learning Programs
  • Career and Pre-employment Services
  • Continuing Education
  • Boot Camps

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Global Learning

Leverages global education brands to challenge worldwide educational status quo:

  • Skills and Knowledge Gaps
  • Employee Engagement
  • Innovation and Cultural Change
  • Transforming Global Education

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Talent Management

By addressing the four areas of talent management, Professional Development can assist employers as they engage in the challenges that are inherent throughout the talent management life cycle.

  • Preparation
  • Acquisition
  • Development
  • Advancement

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