On-Demand Webinar - Employee Engagement: Stop Measuring and Start Doing

Talent experts from The Ritz-Carlton®, Tyco, and Cielo® share strategies for improving employee engagement and business performance.

Although 88% of companies measure employee engagement, Gallup research shows that more than two-thirds of the U.S. workforce is not engaged—resulting in lost organizational productivity and performance.

In this interactive webinar, corporate talent experts discuss how to mobilize and sustain employee engagement by moving beyond metrics to actions that drive business results. 


Sue Stephenson, Vice President of Community Footprints™ at The Ritz-Carlton

Explains how a community-based mentoring program builds employee skills and engagement at a global luxury hotel brand.

Karen Basile, Senior Director of Talent at Tyco

Describes the impact of an experiential learning program on the innovation capabilities of a leading provider of global security services

Kami Bond, Senior Vice President of People and Culture at Cielo®

Tells how a values-infused culture empowers employees to be problem solvers at a global talent services firm.

Alicia Mandel, Chief Learning Officer and Vice President of Learning and Organizational Development at Apollo Education Group

Proposes a new way to turn employee input into actions that promote engagement at any organization.