Talent Management

Most major companies face difficulties motivating and retaining engaged, productive employees. That’s where talent management comes in. It’s not about the day-to-day management of staff. It’s about the strategic, organization-wide, long-term plan to improve your top talent in a way that addresses your most profound challenges. For many years, Apollo has been a thought leader in online learning platforms that deliver these experiences at scale in all four of the following talent management areas. 



Strengthening your talent pool by identifying possible leaders, teaching leadership skills to high-potential individuals, and holding mentoring workshops.


Finding, attracting, and onboarding quality hires by working with hiring managers to engage with the right candidates, and by working with internal teams to develop current staff.


Fostering a learning culture that nurtures the skill and knowledge needs of leaders and high-potential individuals.


Investing in advanced degrees and industry-aligned certifications to increase employee engagement, retention, and loyalty.

Innovation and Organizational Change

At Apollo Professional Development (APD), we view talent management as being closely associated with innovation and organizational change.

For years, APD has collaborated with chief learning officers and other executives to build innovation-capable organizations and help drive organizational transformation. To learn more about Innovator’s Accelerator and see examples of how we team with company leaders to ensure that training links with business results, keeps learners engaged, and blends both online and offline learning, visit InnovatorsAccelerator.com.

Innovator’s Accelerator is just one product within a suite of state-of-the-art talent management solutions offered by APD. Another is Accelerator Course Experience (ACE), a high-end course experience for engaging and educating your global workforce. ACE, a revolutionary digital learning platform to develop the skills of your employees, has the following benefits:  

  • Consists of bite-sized learning activities and interactive exercises, making learning fun, engaging, efficient, and effective 
  • Includes a strong informal training element that makes learning collaborative, project-based, and social
  • Features content that is real, relevant, and directly transfers to the workplace
  • Allows learners to customize and control their learning experience